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WordPress Survey

WordPress are doing a survey.

Its time to tell them we would like to be able to tag and categories pages, if you like me would like that to be a feature added to WordPress.

Time to tell them what you like, would like and what you hate about WordPress.

Survey is short and quick and not detailed. but its time to let them know what we want.






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Second Aniversary

Well this blog has been going for two years. Keep considering but never progressing towards having a domain and a blog where I write CSS and HTML but here is so easy and quick without the need to think about the  technical side. What I would like is the ability to tag and categorize pages, as you can posts.

Keep finding I have enough time to write and so little to work on the pages of the blog, other than publishing stories I have written.

The  two years have flown by. Will publish another chapter today.

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Is WordPress purposefully trying to discourage people from having blogs on here with their redesigns of the interface it is getting harder and harder to find the dashboard.

Where has it gone!

Caught a fleeting view of it on a menu after 5 minutes of hunting with it jumping back to the welcome page six times before it would let me click on Dashboard.

Considering shifting to self hosted or to Blogger as WordPress has been making its user interface more and More Un friendly over recent months.

Just added bookmark for Dashboard – how long before Dash board is removed and we are condemned to the random pages that WordPress thinks we want.

Bring Back the old interface that was usable and logical not random and impractical. New WordPress deserves the Windows8 Award for being useless.


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