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Come Into My Parlour – Sarah Finishes The Spell

Sarah finishes the spell

Chapter 6

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Come Into My Parlour – Walter’s Spell

Sarah falls further under Walter’s spell

Chapter 5

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Come Into My Parlour – Walter’s Place

Sarah wakes in a room at Walter’s home

Chapter 4

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Come Into My Parlour – Nightmares

The nightmares begin for Sarah

Come Into My Parlour 3

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Come Into My Parlour – The Tattoo begins

Walter Begins the Tattoo

Come In To My Parlour 2

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Arm Healed (Strength back, just cannot reach all the way up my back to scratch my head anymore. Trouble with computer that delayed my posting over. Back to posting.

Resuring publishing stories, with a new gothic short story about students, a library, a very old monk and a visitor.

The Visitor

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Reminiscences (Part 2)

[Part 1]

Extracts from the memoirs of Chief Superintendent Drake Verdier, (1848-13/09/1927).

(Chapter 30)

Gifham Horrors

Gifham Jack

Jack Rips Through Bellhamshire

For much of 1898 and 99 the villagers of Gifham feared for their lives, for night-time was a terror, that regularly brought death to one or more villagers. At first it was thought that a feral dog — or dogs — was responsible for the deaths, as all the bodies showed signs of being bitten and the victim’s had had some of their flesh eaten. On the Thursday after Christmas 1898 was when I was called in, a body was found in the fields near Gifham — it was that of the pregnant wife, of a wealth, local land owner. On this occasion things were different, the woman’s body showed none of the usual signs of an animal attack — the previous ones had all shown such signs — despite which there were far too many similarities with the earlier bodies, for them not have been killed by the same killer. All the bodies had suffered massive blood-loss and there was no signs of a struggle, also there was far too little blood found, at all of the scenes of the crimes. The lack of the animal bites on the body — that had concealed the evidence, of the true nature, of the attacks, on the earlier bodies — revealed that some kind of blade had slit one of her wrists.

By the place, where we entered the field, where the body was found, there was a wrecked trap — it had lost a wheel, the previous evening. Both people who had occupied the trap, when it had been wrecked, were severely injured in the accident — John, the youngest son of George Fitzjames baronet, was nearly killed in the accident. That morning, he was abed, in what was expected to be his deathbed. The trap’s other occupant, a Miss Roberta Fitzjames, a distant cousin of Sir George’s, had died in the early hours of that morning, after heroically, despite her terrible injuries, carrying the mortally wounded, unconscious John Fitzjames the several miles, across fields, to the Fitzjamess’ home.

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(Mission Statement)

I intend this blog to be a showcase for my creativity such as it is. Hopefully this blog will stimulate me to be more productive and encourage me to continue with projects. There will be published here short stories (either as a single post or in several parts). I also intend to serialize, a chapter at a time a book I have written. I will also post from time to time chapters of stories I am working on.

How often will I post?

Hopefully Twice a month with parts of stories. Additional Posts when I feel inspired or have something to say.

Why Shire Realms?

Let us start with Shire. Well. I was born not far from the mill where the white ogre lived. That mill, Sarehole Mill, borders on to what is now The Shire Country Park. Tolkien Country.

Realms, well that is the settings for the stories. Realms are where things happen. Realms of the Imagination. The Material Realm as oppossed to the Devine Realm or The Spirtitual Realm.

The Realms

Most of these stories are set in one of three different settings: Annals Of Bellhamshire, Stellar Chronicles or Arcane Acts.

Annals Of Bellhamshire

This setting is a modern preternatural setting, in a shire county of England. Many of the stories concern people alive during the period between the Second World War and the early 1990s, though some stories happen in the Victorian era or earlier. In this setting most people are unaware that magic works or that there are preternatural creatures. In Bellhamshire, those who are preternatural and the supernatural is somewhat more common that outside its bounds. The setting involves limited changes from our world. Bellhamshire being located between Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.

Stellar Chronicles

This setting being a space opera setting. The stories happen within the New Terran Empire and the empires that border on to it. The New Terran Empire’s political structures and ancient vested interests are causing dissension and leading to crises. The empire is long past it glory days.

Arcane Acts

Another modern, contemporary British fantasy setting. The stories being set in Coleshire, that includes the huge midland conurbation and the ancient woodland and forest that borders on to it. Magic is very common in this setting and there are significant changes from our world to accommodate the degree of magic use and the frequency of arcane creatures. The actual location of Coleshire is where the West Midlands Conurbation is.

A potential Future Setting

I have a vague idea for another setting. That being a total fantasy setting that has an early modern technology level with a somewhat Gothic feel to it. In essence Muskets and Mages with Vampires Vassals and Villeins. In that setting there would be conflicts resulting from the change away from feudalism. There would also be the issues with the rise of science and empiricism and its clash with magic and religion. If it does come about it will be Saga of Something or The Something Saga.

What Else There Might Be

In addition to fiction set in these settings I will at times include posts about elements of the different settings. Be that about places, people, organisations, events, science, technology, religion or magic. There might also be posts about world building.  There might also be times when I comment on books I have read or even RPGs I have Seen.

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