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Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum

Let justice be done though the heavens fall.

This tale is about the profitable and dangerous (at least in the Wensel Valley) job of being a Pricker (Witchfinder)

Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum


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Dare you spend a night with the miller’s daughter?


Blackdown Mill, Warwickshire

Blackdown Mill, Warwickshire

This is a ghost story set in an old mill. Inspired by the mill at Blackdown, Warwickshire. My grandfather told a tale about that mill but it is long forgotten.

The Miller’s Daughter

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Doing Business (Part 2)


Small Print

The red suited man’s butler shoved a nervous man, in to the chamber, where red reclined in an opulent leather chair. Seated in his chair, the man swirled his glass, of brandy; “Brouge have the gates closed yet?” The butler nodded. With his question answered, the Seated man pointed to a low, uncomfortable chair; “You, sit there. Brouge, put the news on.”

The television boomed; “Tonight, the major stories are: the end of a corporate empire, cruelty at the Palace, the YEG split, and corporate fraud. First, tonight’s main story, the worst storms in living memory.” That report started with a piece from the Met Office, that tried to explain, why they had not predicted the storm. Rather than answer the question, the spokesperson highlighted the exceptionally rapid waxing and waning of the storm. There followed pieces from around the country: a few were about floodlights, at sports grounds; one was about a cancelled pop concert; another concerned a soap personality’s account, of seeing his garage roof being blown off and a there was also long piece about Blackie, a cat, and its ordeal. Over a shot of Blackie and her curvaceous blonde owner, who was dressed in a diaphanous negligee, the news reader closed the story, “The storm caused numerous road accidents, destroyed many buildings and several hundred people lost their lives in it. Later we will have more, on the storm. Now for Royal news, Lucy Walsh reports. The royal news was an account, of a palace servant, who had been fired, for biting a corgi, which had bitten her. There followed a story, of corporate fraud and corruption, by the Baron Corporation. Dealings in the company’s stocks had been suspended and the Official Receiver had been called in. To close the story, there was an official, from the SFO, announcing the start of their investigation into the company.

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