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Doppelgänger – Seeking Them Out

After having established that José was José Montéro, Samuel traced whom Whetherly was, Edgar Whetherly, who had become a senior manager at the LDC. Whetherly had had links to two of the other four victims, in that he had managed them at various times. Giles Acton, who he did not have links to, was an auditor in the finance division of the LDC. Giles had been the victim who had been killed almost as soon as Samuel had been appointed to investigate.

Samuel checked what calls had been connected, at the time he believed the call was made. He selected those calls that were voice only, then those which were with phones that were not contracted to corporations or individuals. The remaining hundred or so, he reduced by considering regular callers and when the phone was first used. That brought it down to about five which he analysed for connections to LDC, taking into account recorded locations of personal beacons and the terminus of calls. One of the regulations for LDC staff and those who worked for most of the Luna corporations one was being the carrying of personal beacons, which showed where they were and aided the emergency services in times of emergency by giving readouts of their vital signs. That brought it down to one, which terminated in the LDC offices in the Armstrong Administration Dome. There were about four individuals at the terminus who might have answered the call and they included Whetherly. The other end of call being located in Nixon Dome, which was in the final stages of construction, given the details of the call it was deemed to be the call and investigated. The construction in Nixon had been halted by a strike that had been going on for more than a month.

When a Samuel and a couple of rover’s full of Deputies investigated Nixon Dome. The dome had been destined to be a light industrial and warehouse zone. About half an hour after arriving there, Samuel found where José had been held. That José had been there was confirmed by an Archaeoswarm, that also found traces of three other people. There was also proof that a plasma torch had been used there.

Tracing the other calls that had been made by the phone to the number that had been called in Armstrong Dome, Samuel established that only Whetherly had been near the terminus of all of them. Using a voice analyser on the recordings of the calls Samuel confirmed it was Whetherly and came up with an individual who was Daker, David Acre. Acre had come up from Earth a year or so earlier and had lived like a blank for most of that time, in that he had worked for cash and not availed himself of any official services and had not paid for anything other than in cash or in drop cards. Drop cards being debit cards that you purchased then credited with money in designated businesses, usually for cash. Some drop cards were strictly illegal but others had uses that the authorities condoned. There was a file on Daker that indicated that he was believed to be involved in a smuggling racket, that had been busted earlier that year, but they had not found enough proof against him to arrest him. There was a known associate of David Acre, a Sean Webber, who had been born on the Hedonia Station. Viewing the files for Acre and Webber, Samuel confirmed that their images matched what he had seen. Down on earth, one of the samples of DNA had shown up at the scenes of several murders of drug dealers in South America. Acre had another known associate, Michael Monteban of which little was known, save that he lived the high life but had no job or obvious means of support.

Tracing the serial number of Plasma Cutter, that Samuel had noted was easy, it had come from Bergerac Tools in the Bergerac Dome. Bergerac Tools secretly taped all those who hired their tools. The tape tied Monteban to the Plasma Cutter.

Forensic deamons, released into the LDC computer system spent a day and a night auditing the computers, files and records of the LDC, finding many security threats but no obvious issues to be tied to Whetherly. Following on from this, Samuel set forensic accountancy daemons onto LDC accounts that within six hours had found numerous irregularities and evidence of a major frauds, that had been committed in the departments managed by Whetherly.

Having shared what evidence there was with the magistrate, Samuel did divinations to confirm the evidence and establish if there were any others involved. Monteban, Acre and Webber had all been responsible for the deaths with Whetherly commissioning the murders. Derek Ashbowl, one of the earlier murder victims, and Whetherly had been responsible for the frauds. For a conviction another certified diviner or investigator would have to confirm their guilt with another divination.


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