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Doing Business (Part 1)

( The Price Of Everything, Is In The Small Print )


Along a busy Motorway, a red streak darted between cars. Two Police officers, in a patrol car, beheld it, but the canteen beckoned to them, so they gave into temptation, that had been offered to them, allowing the car to speed on its way. As the car’s radio concluded the weather forecast, which was for a fine day, the announcer gave out an emergency traffic bulletin; “Reports are just coming in of a major accident, on the M40. The Police advise drivers to avoid the M40, as the accident has blocked both carriage ways, of the Motorway.”

Just as the bulletin came to an end, rain started to fall, so the driver turned on the wipers. Speeding in the rain, the driver turned off the radio, and made a phone call. As soon as the phone was answered, he ordered, “Put the Contracts Manager on.” Interrupting the manager’s greeting, the driver informed, “I will be closing the Tyler account, later today. Release the file. Have you found any new candidates for an account?”

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