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Up, Up And Away

That Which Is New Is Older Than The Hills

Tall tale, or no, Samuel had a hard time under The Table one night

The four labourers sat nursing their pints, in a dark corner, of the tavern. Despite the darkness, Samuel’s eyen showed that he had had a rough time. Gazing down, at his tankard, Rupert demanded, “Well? What happened to you? Where did you get to…”

Samuel shook his head; “You’d never believe me, even if I were t’ tell you.”

Hal took a swig, then stared at Samuel, “Of course we’ll. Just spit it out and stop playing t’ coy little virgin.”

Samuel slammed his empty pint down hard on the table; “Fill it and I might. Remember the night of the big storm and lights in t’ sky.” That had been nearly a month earlier and the night before it, was the last time they had seen Samuel, in The Man In The Red Hat.

Euria signalled, to a victualler; “It’ll be here in a trice.”

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