Martyrdom Of Adam Rhymer


Adam Rymer had preached that there was no need for priests and that each person should seek their own path to salvation. For this, Adam had been condemned to death for heresy, in the village of Reslin. Three times Adam escaped the fate of being burnt as each day they tried torrential rain quenched the execution fire. After the third time to most he was viewed as acquitted by God. But not by Father Ignatious Kinock, who had sought his execution. Father Ignatious struck Adam down with a sword after Adam had been freed from stake. Immediately thereafter, Father Ignatious was himself struck down by the populace. Once he was struck down, the execution pyre sprang back to life and consumed the body of Father Ignatious, but Adam Rymers body was found untouched by the fire the next day.
Legend states that Adam Rymer’s remains could not be burnt. There were some who claimed that amongst the crowd there for the execution, there was a mysterious knight and his lady who they say saw to it that Adam Rymer body was whisked away and granted a proper burial.
There are those who claim that his relics grant the bearer immunity from being burnt or harmed by fire. Several supposed fragments of Adam are said to be in the keeping Bellhamshire County Fire Service.



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