Customs of the Cwm Anwen


Naming Conventions

Amongst Cwm Anwen there are traditions about the family name.

  • When ever Cwm Anwen marry those who are not, the individual who is not takes the family name of the Cwm Anwen partner.
  • When Cwm Anwen marry Cwm Anwen they take the family name of the female partner.


Common honorifics amongst the Cwm Anwen include.

  • Lords of the manors of Kymberlyn and Ackar are called, by the Cwm Annwn, Ancient of Balinus.
  • Powerful or Skilled Cwm Annwn are typically termed Cwm Belinus — this term of address may also be used by a younger one for anyone older than them, as a mark of respect.


Amongst Cwm Anwen lineage is traced through the female line.


Much of the major possessions, such as property, is held in trust and is communal  property of the line of Cwm Anwen. That which is not held by the group is traditionally divided, fairly equally, amongst the Cwm Anwen’s progeny where they are not survived by a spouse. Should they be survived by a spouse then the spouse has access to their partner’s estate but it is held in trust for their children.

Families and Villages

  • The Villages of Kymberlyn and Ackar – It is believed that the Kymberlyns originally settled at Ackar (Karitia), just after Balinus brought them out of Annwn. This would explain why the village was named after a place in Annwn (Hades), Karitia (Calais). Though now the smaller of the two villages, Ackar has archaeological remains that date back to at least the third century BC. This contrasts with Kymberlyn that has only evidence that dates back to the around the time of the first Roman invasion. Modern Ackar has no church, but it does have two pubs, and is within the parish of Kymberlyn.
  • The Families – There are three great lineages
    • Kymberlyns – Though there are at least a gross of variant spellings of the name Kymberlyn, of these there are only Five that are still prevalent in the Bellhamshire — Kymberlyn, Kymbalin, Cwm-Berlynn, Kymbyrlyn and Kynbylyn. The spelling Kymberlyn is most common and generally used to refer to those who trace their ancestry to the original settlers of Kymberlyn, except where the use of another spelling would be more appropriate or essential.
    • Carters – These ar generally those Cwm Anwen who did not settle at Ackar or Kymberlyn. There are also those who have taken this name having been expelled from another lineage. There are also those of this lineage who are call Casters and Kaitlyns.
    • Ackars – also the Caritas, Karitias, Calais and Acres. These are those Cwm Anwen who can trace their lineage back to the original settlers of Ackar.



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