Meanings of words that are not so common, or that are specific to the setting.


  • coronach – a funeral dirge
  • inhumation – burial
  • exequies – funeral rites
  • flexed – to be buried in a foetal position
  • nadders – adders
  • widdershins – anticlockwise

Foreign Words and Phrases

Bellhamshire Dialect and the like

  • Corporate Serfs – Those who ware corporate labels or other livery of a Corporation. Anyone who wares designer labels
  • Curse Vine – Hops.
  • curse wort – Beer that contains hops.
  • Dark Wing – An operation against those with arcane abilities or heritage at the time of the Suez Crisis.
  • Fletcher Nuts – Those interested in the literary writings of Fletcher. Some use it for all those who rate 19C literature.
  • Fools Bubbles – Champaign
  • Ham Horrors – Those who are interested in the killings in the 1990s attributed to the Gifham Horror or Gifham Jack.
  • The 51 Act – The Fraudulent Mediums Act.




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