Blaec Hundred

The Hundred includes Kenwick and much of The Blaec Oak Forest and is in the north of the county.

  • Abbey Warren – The village was once known as Blaec Warren. This village had for a time a priory associated with Bellham Abbey. The Priory controlled an area of woodland, a warren and several granges. The Priory was torn down with the dissolution of the monasteries. About a hundred yards from the village church there are the remains of an ancient warren.
  • Barston Heath – The village, that dates back to at least the Norman Era, being famous for the lace that has been made there for centuries. On the outskirts of the village there is the remains of a motte and bailey castle.
  • Barston Mere – This large lake being the head waters for the River Sift. It is a popular and renown fishery.
  • Baston Wensal – A village whose origins predate Kenwick. Grew slowly until the late Nineteenth Century after which it stagnated.
  • Burton Upon Sift – Once a town of some size, late Eighteenth / early Nineteenth Century, it declined to its current size as the Nineteenth Century came to a close. It was once a centre for quality pottery, but local source of quality clay ran out, not long after the town’s boom with the arrival of the railways. Many of its skilled potters left to work in Worcester or Stoke.
  • Dragon Mere Kenwick – This town having been a market town since the Norman Era. There being a castle in Kenwick, that is open to the public for most of the year. The shopping area of Kenwick tending to be the most expensive place to shop in Bellhamshire with designer stores. The town being also known for having several high end restaurants. This town was first settled in the Norman Era, when the first castle was built.
  • Priors Jabbet – Was once known as Blaec Grange, but rapidly became known as Prior’s Gibbet. It was the place where those who poached or otherwise trespassed on the woodlands associated with Blaec Priory were executed. That which came to please the locals was that Prior Richard Bayer hanged there for selling fraudulent relics.
  • River Sift – A short river that joins Barston Mere to the Wensel. The Sift north of Burton Upon Sift is consider some of the best fishing in Bellhamshire.
  • Wyatt – Large village that predates Prior’s Jabbet. It has few claims to fame, other than having a leisure farm, that has collections of the various rare breeds of farm animals that were common to Bellhamshire. The farm, Thyme’s Scythe Farm, also having a traction engine and collection of farming implements and having events there throughout the tourist season.



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