Bellhamcester is the county town and city located in the middle of the southern half of the valley. Bellhamcester is commonly known as Bellham. It has its originis as an iron age settlement maybe before. When Roman’s came to the area, they established a garrison there and it became known as Bellum Bellis. After the Roman era, the settlement shrank before a monastery was established within the boundaries of the old fort, in what became Bellham Abbey. Bellham Castle’s origins begin with the founding of Castle in the Norman era. Bellhamcester has three great divisions, to many; these being: Bellham Abbey, Bellham Castle and Nucamen. Bellham Abbey being west of the Wensel. Bellham Castle being east of the river and Nucamen, that was mainly developed in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, being the area west of Bellham Abbey. Bellhamcester has its own City Council and also Has the Seat of the County Council.

  • Bellham Abbey – Bellham Abbey, traditionally, being considered the oldest settlement of Bellhamcester. It being Bellhamcester west of the Wensel. There once being a Roman fort and vicus here, that was later resettled in Saxon Era with a monastery.
    • Civic – The area Bellham Abbey, that is between Fayre Fields, Nucamen, Old Town, University and Minster. All of it being within the City Walls. It is the Cultural, administrative and commercial district of Bellham Abbey.
    • Fayre Fields – North of Old Town. Strictly speaking the large field where The Bellham Easter Fair is held. It also applies to the northern suburbs of Bellhamcester, outside the city walls of the original Bellham Abbey.
    • Old Town – The part of Bellham Abbey where there are a majority of buildings, whose origins were in the Mediaeval period.
    • Minster – Being the area south of University, where the New Minster is. Strictly speaking, it only runs to the old city walls, though to many includes that which is outside city wall.
      • South Minster – The suburb of Bellhamcester south of the southern city wall, though to many it is part of Minster. Mainly developed in Twentieth Century.
    • Nucamen – Western Edge of Bellhamcester. The area was once a common for the freemen of Bellhamcester to graze their cattle. The Common being established in early Eighteenth Century. In the early Nineteenth Century the freemen lost their rights to it, with there first being a cemetery there, then asylum and hospital, with later wealthy suburbs being established on its old extents. West of old Nucamen, out to the ring road, being settled in the post World War Two period.
    • University – An area that includes part of Old Town and parts south and west of it. Much of it being within the bounds of the old monastery.
  • Bellham Castle – The part of Bellhamcester that is east of the Wensel. It being first settled with a Norman era castle. Most of the civic utilities are sited in Bellham Castle.



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