This Gazetteer of Bellhamshire and the Wensel Valley will separate the county into its hundreds and the City of Bellhamshire and have a section for things that are county-wide and a page for a map.

  • County-wide there is the Wensel Valley and the River Wensel.
  • Bellhamcester is the county town and city located in the middle of the southern half of the valley.
  • Croliegh Hundred is in the centre of the valley with The Elves Table located within it. It also has small towns of Croliegh and Wartons in it. Traditionally bounded by the old courses of the Wensel and Rescar.
  • Carita Hundred includes Kinsborough and Newton Howard and is located in the North East of the valley.
  • Blaec Hundred includes Kenwick and much of The Blaec Oak Forest and is in the north of the county.
  • Griff Hundred located on the east of the valley, below Carita Hundred and south of the Wensel.
  • Garstan Hundred mainly the western edge of the county and includes the Garstan Level. Marston Bryer is its main town.
  • Map a map of Bellhamshire.




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