In Search of The Master (Chapter 7)

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The two cheetahs, that were Di and Al, flew towards the house’s front door and the shelter it offered, from the golden death. Upon their arrival, in the entrance hall, of the house, they were meet by Jo and an exceptionally relieved James. Once out of the searing light Di shook off Al’s hand, “Fetch my other body.”

Cautiously, once both Al and Jo had left, Di approached James; Eleanor commented within Di’s mind, «He’s less than a century? Remarkable, I’d have thought that he was nearly my age if…»

The image that Di beheld of James was totally dissimilar, to anyway that she had perceived him before. Even when she had gazed upon him, with perceptions enhanced by, her own, sorcerous abilities and mage sight, she had not seen him as precisely, as she did at that moment, «Is this how you normally perceive the world?»

«No, it normally is less clear than this and requires concentration to be able to do it. Your abilities and ours seem to be combining and enhancing each other. Whoever sired him, is one to be feared, to the core of ones being.»

«No one sired him; he was slain in battle.»

«A revenant shade,» Di could sense Eleanor’s admiration for James, «Our Lore tells of such, but I have never before seen one and until now. I had, until now, believed them to be just a myth. Your…»

With every grain of her willpower, Di tried to exert her ego and force Eleanor and Simon to the edges of her consciousness, as she did this she mental requested, «Can you two give us some pri…»

Before she could complete her train of thought, words escaped from her mouth, “James, of the manor of Griff, why join with mortals to hunt your own kind? Surely my daughter has taught you better than that.”

“Abominable imp,” James’s fingers crushed the baluster, “By your claim, do you mean that you yeaned her or that you sired Lady Harriet Falcon?”

“You know full well that they are one and the same and that her name is Harriet Elizæbeth Anne Thomasina Harbon.” Once she realised that he was still not convinced Eleanor continued, “She was named Harriet after my accursed husband, Sir Henry, and the late king and Thomasina after my father, Thomas Falcon. I only returned for her after Chastity had been wed and both my husband and his son had both died.”

An exaggerated shrug was James’s response; “Five minutes, in Arthur’s library, and you could learn more than that.”

“Fine, whoever this Arthur is… oh! You mean Augustus’s Library, if you wish to hunt him I’ll join you in the hunt for him, I… Molten silver what a lovely idea,” Di’s voice fell back to the centre of her range, “Too late Rev Joseph Forster, introduced him to a star, on the morning of his investiture. Now, if she we leave us alone, let’s…”

“Amazing.” James smiled and licked his fangs, “What Jo calls you, ‘Ice Heart’, is perfect for you, someone thinking of doing harm to one of my kind and…”

“Really, darling!” Then in her best school ma’am tone, Di chided, “How can you say that. Have you already forgotten our first date.”

“How could I? I still have all the scars from it. If I ever meet your Robert, I will have to think of the best way to thank him for arranging our introduction.”

“Not if I see him first.”

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