In Search Of The Master (Chapter 4)

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A cold motionless thing sensed easy prey, move close to its dark, resting place; the creature’s perception and sense of its prey changed, as the prey closed in, on its resting place. The prey headed for it, as if it knew exactly where its lair was. Its first perceptions of its prey had been food approaches, then that changed to a big meal approaches, eventually its feeling about what approached it became danger comes. After the creature awoke; it remained motionless, not even breathing. Once fully awake, it sensed a near void, where the other’s consciousness, should have been. When the creature heard the heart beat, of the one that approached its resting place, the creature thought, what is wrong with me, what is there to be scared of, it just one puny little human. This new confidence lasted only for a fraction of a second, for the creature heard, in the distance, another heartbeat, that seemed to be racing, despite the exceptional power, of each, of its beats. Silently, the creature prepared to make its attack. Eventually, the slower heart beat closed, to within a couple of yards, of the creatures resting place, at which point, a huge was the aura, of power, washed over the creature. Having begun its attack, the creature had been so surprised, by the wave of power, that flowed over her, that it paused midway into her attack. It was to amazement, that her surprised turned, when she noticed that her prospective prey had shut eyen.

There had been no attempt to avoid Di’s hands, by the creature, that had arisen from the car’s boot. As soon as Di’s hands made contact with the creature, it cried out, at the inhuman chill of Di’s touch and the total wrongness, of what was happening. A desperate need for survival and the impact of Di’s touch finally shocked the vampire, into renewing its attack. Instants after the vampire had cried out, its mouth descended and closed on Di’s throat. As fangs tore at her flesh, Di’s hands grabbed the vampire’s head, only for the vampire to seconds later start sucking Di’s blood.

With the vampire feeding upon her blood, Di’s hands had established firm contact and she started to drain the vampire’s essential energy. In response the vampire grabbed Di’s head and tried to drain her life force, only for it to find that it could not. The moment it stopped trying, to drain Di’s life-force, its own essential energies started to flow out through its hands, as well, and the rate of Di’s draining of it increased rapidly. Energy flowed from it into Di, from all the places where they touched. Fortunately for Di, the draining of the vampire’s energy, and its need to try and resist it, prevented it from drawing any more blood from Di. With every passing instant of time, the vampire felt the draining speed up even more, in order to escape this, she tried to break those contacts it had with Di. As she tried to break free, the vampire came to know true terror, for the first time, in many centuries, for the vampire found that she did not have any control, over her own body.

The vampire sensed her own body alter, as the energy flowed from it. The vampire saw her own arm’s flesh change it lost its lifelike quality and steadily became leathery. Another person entered the garage, it was the one with the strong, fast heartbeat; the vampire knew there was something not quite human about the person, to her it seemed like days passed before it registered, what it was. Jo who had entered the garage, there were blades that protruded from the backs of Jo’s hands. A strange concept entered the vampire’s mind; she wondered could it be that these Vampire Hunters were all vampire hunters. Jo moved in to aid Di. The vampire felt an important memory being torn from it; after which the vampire realised that a vast portion of her memories had become clouded and very vague or totally absent.

Stealthily, Jo circled around to get behind the vampire, as Jo did so, the vampire’s inaction was all too obvious. Miraculously, the vampire lost the memory of how to take blood, there upon Di’s head descended towards its throat, with her mouth opened wide, and tried to bite through its leathery hide, to drink its blood. With this strange turn of events, the vampire’s mind, that was reeling from terror and surprise, slowly started to clear, due to its impending doom. Thanks to the vampire’s new-found calm and Di’s attempt to drink its blood, loosened was Di’s mental grip upon the vampire’s body. For a moment the vampire could move, that being the case the vampire pulled away from Di. Despite this, Di’s hands remained firmly fixed in position upon the vampire’s head, due to this the vampires limited freedom was only short-lived and almost immediately the paralysis flowed back over its body.

Sagely, Jo decided that it was better not to aid Di, so she returned to the doorway and slid the ring back onto her finger. From there, the doorway, for what seemed as if it were at least an epoch or two, she watched the vampire’s slow decay, at the hands of Di. As she watched, it seemed to Jo, that the vampire’s eyes pleaded with her, to save it or at least put an ended to its torture. Instead of intervening, Jo just watched, listened and sensed as the vampire’s memories, and life-force were torn from it. The memory of its transformation left it and the vampire’s eyes started to close. Whilst all this transpired, Jo constantly sensed James’s mind, as well as that of Al. Hence, Jo sent reassurance to James, as well as, images of what had transpired in the garage. Eventually, the three of them perceived Di’s consciousness slowly struggle to reassert itself. As it did so, their minds reached out, to hers. Initially, Di’s eyelids twitched, then retracted and James, Jo and Al received the image, that Di’s eyes perceived. The image was that vampire had become, little more than, a desiccated mummy, who’s wrappings where the clothes it wore.

A fleeting image, some thoughts, then blackness passed from the vampire to Di and eventually the others received those perceptions through the link. The image was of Di’s eyes opening. The thoughts were its last before it passed from consciousness. The blackness was its despair. Its life-force, or death-force, gone the vampire slipped from Di’s hands, and fell to the floor. After which James, Al and Jo sensed the force of Di’s consciousness struggle even harder, to surface from the depths of her mind.

Di turned and locked her eyes onto Jo; immediately Al registered Di’s intentions she sent, «Run!». Despite the command, Jo did not start to move, so Al and James as one sent, «Run!»

When Di’s hand slowly reached out, in the direction of Jo, Jo turned to leave, then as Jo started to rapidly make her exit, from the garage, a fiery star started to form, in Di’s Hand, and before Jo could react, Di quickly drew her hand back then flung it forward, casting the fiery star toward Jo. Upon sensing what had happened, Jo sprinted towards the door, with the fiery star rapidly following.

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