In Search Of The Master (Chapter 5)

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Back in the room, where the four unconscious bodies lay, James’s and Al’s faces showed their concern for their partners’ safety. James grabbed Al’s head, “Take it and go keep Jo safe, do whatever you have t…” Upon felling a rush of power, James fell silent.

Al broke free from James’s grip, “No! John! Look…”

Moments later, red tears formed in the corners of James’s eyen, “Di! Oh God! No!” Action rather than words where what were needed, so James ran at the room’s outer wall. With a terrible force, his body hit the wall and then collapsed, into a lifeless heap, upon the floor. Upon being left alone, in the room, Al made sure that none would awaken, whilst she was gone. That done, she cancelled her wards, grabbed a tool bag and with the pace of a cheetah sprinted from the room, so that she could get to Jo.

The fiery star streaked from Di’s hand, only to, moments later, have its pace slow and then cease all movement. For a spell, it just hung in the air, between Jo and Di.

Apace, Jo exited, through the small side door. Once in the relative safety of daylight, with the adrenaline clearing from his system, Jo sensed Di’s and James’s minds. To confirm his second-hand perceptions, Jo glanced back into the garage, where the blazing pentacle was vibrating, in mid-air, then as Jo watched it darted straight back at Di. As the pentacle flew back, towards Di, it grew. The closer it approached to Di, the larger it became. As it relentlessly stormed its way towards Di, her limbs were drawn out, towards the points of the pentacle, by some arcane force.

Jo shivered, as if the devil had walked over his grave, and glanced around, “Jay?” The answer was traced on Jo’s back, by a spectral finger, and confirmed Jo’s suspicion, of who was there.

After ghosting past Jo, the spectral creature passed into the garage, where Di was immobile, spread-eagled inside the arcane pentacle. That being the case, the spectre incautiously floated, towards Di. When the wraith closed upon Di, so that it was within arm’s reach of her, the pentacle started to vibrate, once again. As soon as the vibrations started, James slowed, his movement, and cautiously continued, to move towards Di. Eventually, he reached a point, where the star started to separate, from her. Once the star was moving, towards him, James began a steady retreat. Di collapsed, in to a heap, on the floor, breathing heavily. The link told Al and Jo, that she had regained consciousness; Di started to sob, then cry.

The arcane star followed, the retreating spectre. As it did so, it steadily hastened its pace of pursuit. In response the spectre’s pace increased and hence the spectre’s lead, over the pentacle, steadily grew. The backwards retreat of the spectre, that was James, ended when it encountered a wall, but the fiery star’s unrelenting advance continued and grew even faster.

When Al rounded the side of the house, her pace slowed, for she saw, with her own eyen, that Jo was alive, unharmed and outside, the garage. Almost at the same moment as she received this reassurance, a scream echoed out, form within the garage and the link informed Jo and Al why Di had screamed.

Relentlessly, the magical pentacle continued its advance, upon the spectral James, whose form rested upon the wall. Eventually, it closed, to within inches of his spectral form. At which point, Di started to rise, until she received, «No! Stay there!»

Upon each vibration of an atom, James’s spectral form expanded, and slowly spread itself over the whole expanse of the wall’s surface. As he expanded, the pentacle too grew in size, until it was almost the full height of the garage, but as the pentacle’s size grew its advance slowed. Finally, when it was about to touch the spectre, the spectral self – of James – passed into the wall. Invisibly, a few instants later, James’s spectral body reformed, outside the garage, as he did so there was a detonation, which happened when the pentacle touched the wall. The pentacle disintegrated and its fragments streaked back, to Di, who cried out when the fragments re-entered her body. Upon recovering from that, Di tore the ring, from her finger and flung it across the room.

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