In Search Of The Master (Chapter3)

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Once all of them were out, of the cellar, their mutual headache started to diminish; despite that Di remained unconscious, even after James lay Di down, next to an occupied body-bag. As soon as Jay released Di, it was with a thoroughly professional haste, that Jo checked Di over, despite which Jo could find no physical cause for Di’s condition, “The only thing I can suggest, by way of a medical cause, of her condition, is exhaustion.”

The link, between their four minds, told them that Di’s mind only functioned on a very primitive level, just doing those things needed, to continue her existence; no dreams. There was just the noise of a brain struggling to control vital functions. Al knelt by her and worked a simple divination;, for, before James and Di had joined the fellowship, Al had been the prime Operative Field Adept. James’s contact with Di, when he had carried her out of the cellar, had given him the impression that, despite her condition, Di had no real need to emit or gain energy; she was still charged with power. Despite Al casting a spell, it detected no hostile enchantments, alien influences or an external cause for Di’s unconsciousness. Frustration showed upon Al’s face, as did her desperation

and concern; “I cannot find out what is wrong, everything detects as being normal or very healthy. Jay, you…”

James’s worried face nodded, “Her body has much more energy than is normal for a mortal, she has about the same energy as when she stopped me… Much less than when she started to feed off me.”

“There might be something else that we can try;” Al searched through Di’s as well as her own pockets, “First though, you try and pass energy to her.”

James shook his head; “I can only do it if she lets me.”

“Do it!” Al guided his hands down onto Di. As soon as they made contact, James tried channelling energy to Di, but he could not overcome her innate resistance to such activities. After the initial failure, James next tried to get her to steal it from him, that failed as well, because she was too deeply unconscious to even do it, subconsciously.

“If I can channel to her,” Al started to prepare two spells, “You feed me and I’ll be the bridge.” Al reworked the structure of the two spells so she could combine then in to a single casting. As she worked, she gained a more acute awareness of her own inner essences, discovering that she had more arcane power available to her, than she should have had, in her psychic reserves. She put the finishing touches to the spell; the spell flowed out of her. Al radiated light for a second then only her hands fluoresced, the light they shed was cyan in colour. The spell flowed over Di; she shone with a bright white light, tiny dark specks of cyan were faintly visible, in the blaze of white light that shrouded Di. Al moved her hands, to Di’s temples, the cyan of her hands was very dim compared to the brilliant white aura, of Di; beacons of light were Al’s hands compared to the faint cyan embers, that represented Di’s life force. Al’s initial contact with Di was unsuccessful in forming a bridge for the channelling of energy. Di resisted Al’s attempts to channel to her; Al manipulated the spells parameters in her mind and the spell’s nature slowly mutated. The spell changed from one that channelled energy to one that healed the life-force, once the change was made energy started to flow from Al to Di.

After he sensed that energy was being transferred, James began channelling his energy to Al, who passed it to Di. The spell was very draining, compared to its effects; channelling energy would have been easier and far less costly, for Al. The point came were Al knew, that the spell was too taxing for her to continue with, despite the energy that she was receiving from James. Just before the spell finally unravelled, Al put one final heroic quantum of energy into the spell. When the spell fell apart, Di’s aura still shone white, but had acquired a faint cyan hue to it. For a while, after the spell had ended, James continued to channel energies to Al, to aid her recovery. When the spell ended, Di’s apparent physically condition seemed no better, than it had been before the spell had been cast, though there was one major change, that Al and James could sense, through their mental linkage, a faint impression of Di’s mind. Upon sensing Di’s mind, James tried once again to channel directly to Di, she resisted. Out of desperation, he sent, «Feed, Di, Feed!» Hoping that she would, he then tried once more to channel to her, it was a struggle, but energy did start to flow from him to her. Once it started, to flow, the transfer sped up, becoming easier and easier, until he had to break contact, with her, to stop her from draining him, of all his energy, for James had been loosing control, of the transfer, and Di starting to gain control of it. By the time he broke contact, he feared, that if he had continued, Di would drain him of all energy until he was just a cold dry husk. Moments after, James had ended the transfer of energy, to Di, she sat up, with her eyes still closed, and went to grab James and then Al. Moving back to avoid her touch, James ordered, «No! You’ve had…»

Unable to grab them easily, Di’s hands descended upon the body bag, that lay beside her. Upon seeing what Di intended, Jo moved towards her, “Stop her!”

«No John!» Al powerfully sent, «Get back!» Jo continued to move towards Di. Al cried out, “No! You’ll be killed!” Di’s hands pressed, more and more, firmly on the Body bag. The body bag visibly seemed to empty, under her touch.

The three of them watched, for a millennia, occasionally receiving stray thoughts, from her mind, sensing her grow stronger, by the second. The thoughts they received, were in many languages, but all meant eat, food or feed. As she appeared to grow stronger, with each and every joule of energy that she took, her urge to feed grew exponentially.

“We’ve got to stop her,” Al removed her ring and ran for the stairs; “From getting to them.”

“I will get Jo,” James floated over Di, to get Jo, “We will have to find a way to stop her, without hurting her.”

Jo tensed as James approached, “What about us?” James’s answer was a smile, after picking up Jo, as he carried Jo up to the second floor., they both removed their rings. On the second floor, as she awaited their arrival, Al prepared to protect those up there. Once James and Jo joined her, she completed the protective magics, that were to ward one end of the house.

Less than a minute after Al had finished creating the protections; Di, eyen closed, stormed up the stairs and crashed into the barrier created by Al. For several minutes, the feral creature, that Di had become, clawed frantically at the barrier. With Al keeping watch, Jo and James moved four unconscious bodies, placing them on the floor, of the darkest of that floor’s rooms. Once they had completed the task, Al, who was the last to enter the room, warded its entrance, as she entered. Seconds later, after letting out a howl of frustration, Di turned and flew down the stairs. Hearing this, James slid his ring back on, to hear what she intended.

Through the link, he sensed her leave the house; “Al! Jo! The windows, go and see what she is up to.”

They slid behind the room’s blackout curtains. James sensed Di pass aside of the house, as Di did that there was another impression, from her mind, which he could make no sense of. Di came into Jo’s line of sight, “What the hell’s she up to? She’s not coming here.”

As realisation dawn, James’s fist punched a hole in a wall, “Di! No! Di!” With blood seeping from the corners of his eyes, James added, “Jo can you get to her? She’s found him, she’ll try to feed off him; he’ll kill her. I don’t want to loose her; please don’t …”

With out any hesitation, Jo forced the window up, “Don’t worry, I’ll see that you get her back; even if it takes my blood.” Jo climbed out of the window, to be faced with a side of the house had no drain pipes and brick work that was in perfect order. Despite this, Jo descended the wall, with the ease and speed of one, who had had aeons of practice, at such tasks.

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