Death’s Muse – 5 – For A Trail To Find And Follow


Having had a magnificent dinner, the three investigators sat in the corner of the Terrace Room with drinks and discussed what they had learnt. Gwyn informed them that he intended to return to southward, to take pictures, in the morning. He did though have Colin’s Studies to show them. There certainly was a family resemblance between the two models.

Finding the Waughton girls was seen as important by them all, but how to was a problem that needed solution. Briony raised the question of Aiden and whether he was empowered in a similar way to the girls. Gwyn pointed out how few single female artist there were to be afflicted, in Newton Howard. There having been a pause, with none of them having anything to offer, Jacob offered uncertainly, “I’m not certain but I may have a candidate for being muse ridden, David Temple. He is one of the Bellham Rep’s actor’s Up until the recent production, of ‘The Importance of being Ernest’, he was just a passable supporting actor. As the lead, he showed talent no one would have credited him with.”

“Black Hair, somewhat mono-tonal?” Enquired Briony, to which Jacob nodded, “He over does the artist or actor dress, to say the least.”

“That’s him. Drowns himself in scent.” Jacob considered before adding, “Wasn’t there a pretty young addition to their company?”

“The Temperance League!” Gwyn Stood, “Over in Kenwick, having nearly died out it has suddenly taken off. Prudence, the daughter of old Pendry, the Methodist, has just recently become an inspired Temperance advocate. From what I’ve heard, she can walk into a pub, give her sermon and have half of the drinkers follow her out, to take the pledge. Could she be being inspired by Aiden?”

After further hours of discussion and debate, they retired, having determined that Gwyn would investigate The Temperance League and Jacob and Briony return to Bellhamcester and investigate the Theatre.



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