Death’s Muse – 3 – A Figure To Behold


Colin Tranter’s abode had been on the south edge of Keeper’s Green, with his foundry being in Southward. Gwyn determined that Colin’s digs would be less likely to yield clues. Bronze Works, Colin’s foundry, was a facility that he shared several other sculptors. Of all the sculptors of the Bronze Works, Colin had been the finest, with his sculptures seeming to be alive or more true than those of others.

Gwyn’s status and his family’s reputed wealth gained him a tour of the Bronze Works. That he had an interest in photography and had some talent for it, was known to many of an artistic leaning within Bellhamshire. On his tour, he saw many works which were fine pieces, but those which were outstanding were always the work of Colin Tranter. The finest of all the works, that were there, was an over life-size statue of a reclining woman who was beautiful. The sculpture needed a few of its joins and welds polishing and finishing, but anyone would say it was a masterpiece and if anything its raw nature in parts just added to its appeal. Having seen the master work of Colin Tranter, Gwyn was of the opinion that it should be acquired by the Bellham Abbey Art Gallery if the funds were available for its purchase and that of the miniature version of it.

Having told the denizens of the Bronze Works what he thought of the pieces he had seen and the infernal nature of the place, he obtained permission to come back and photograph the place and sculptures there. Before he left he had learnt from the men of the Bronze Works that Colin’s nature had changed from an easygoing polite man to a driven bad-tempered grouch before he died, apart from when he was with his last girlfriend and model, Geniffer.



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