A week later, Walter surprised her, when he asked; “Do you still want me to do all of those tattoos and piercings?” Sarah nodded uncertainly; she felt certain that the only way, to end her torment, was to finish what had been started.

Saturday morning, he was laughing, when he started that day’s work, on her. He started with lain face down so he could do all the designs and piercings, on the back of her body. Next he had her sit, in the chair, it was not until he had done the tattoo around her mouth, that she noticed, that some force held her immobile, in the chair. Walter kept up his little rhyme. As soon as the design, around her mouth, was finished, she found herself totally incapable of speech and that her mouth was sealed shut. It was then that Sarah realised that Walter had planned everything. What little that was left, of her rational mind, wondered how she could have fallen, so easily, into his trap. The question of, what would be, her eventual fate, daunted her and she became acquainted with, the true nature of absolute terror.

As soon as Walter had completed his work, Sarah felt, what seemed to her to be, energy flowing over her skin and seeping into her, through every pore. He lifted Sarah onto her feet and fitted her with the jewellery; once all of the Jewellery was in place, Sarah understood what his rhyme meant. It was in some strange, dead, ancient language, but it seemed to her to have become her native tongue, despite which she was still not that she was capable of creating a single sound. Walter’s rhyme consisted of two alternating phrases; they meant:

“Master is pleased, with his slave girl,”

“A slave girl must please her master.”

Sarah realised what she had done, that she had allowed him, to bind her, into total servitude; willing or unwilling the tattoos would force her to serve him in any way that he wanted. She would have screamed, if she could, instead Sarah collapsed, to the floor, in terrible agony, when he said a different rhyme, that rhymes words meant,

“Master is displeased with his slave girl.

“A slave girl must not displease her master.

“A slave girl must not try to escape her master;

“Master’s slave girl cannot escape from her master.

“Serve your master.

“I am your Master.”

Fragments, of the rhyme, sounded familiar to Sarah. Each of the words though was a mighty hammer blow, by Miolnir, inside Sarah’s mind; then as the final word was spoken, the words started, to shift, in her mind. The eight phrases deconstructed themselves, the glyphs, for every single one, of the words, exploded within her mind. Sarah internally screamed! Those same fragments, of the sigilli, slowly, after the stars had died, began to reform into new forms and sigillum, from them new syllables were born and form those new words. The new words acquired meanings and constructed, from each other, new phrases. Slowly, a different, possibly new, enchantment was born. Energy rushed through Sarah and then the tattoos were no longer visible on her skin, the jewellery glowed brightly and Sarah whistled! Yes, whistled, after which those new phases escaped from her mouth.

Silence, even the street outside seemed to have acquired an expectant hush, for æons it appeared that nothing would happen. As time moved onwards, the only obvious effect, that those strange words, that Sarah had chanted was that Walter looked thunderstruck, by Sarah regaining the power of speech. The enchantment, or sorcery, formed, as slow as light chews its way through scientific reality, eventually taking effect with a mighty silence. Its immediate outcome her freedom and freedom from mortality.


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