Sarah feared to be away from Walter, for he seemed to be the only one, who could help her, with his little mantra. Walter left her, for a while, to find her something else to wear. When he returned, she tried it on, only to discover, that she could not even wear the underwear. Anything that touched her between the legs or on her nipples, resulted in her suffering agonies, of pain, in another part of her body. Sarah tried wearing a skirt with the Harem Girl outfit, but she felt even more embarrassed, to be dressed in that absurd manner. Sarah tried an apron on with the outfit and was relieved when it did not make her feel so embarrassed. An offer, to get a doctor for her, was made by Walter, but Sarah refused to see one, as she was terrified that a doctor would think her insane and have her committed. Walter had known that she would not want to see a doctor, as well as why she would not want to see one, due to the fact that he understood her very well, having listened to all her incessant chatter whilst he had worked on her. Just before noon, Sarah called her place of work and asked for indefinite leave, to which her boss readily agreed. In her own flat Sarah had always put off housework, that afternoon Sarah spent doing all Walter’s housework; Sarah found it to be strangely rewarding and came to feel aroused whilst she worked. Meticulously, Sarah prepared an evening meal, for Walter; as soon as his words, of praise, for the meal, had left his mouth, Sarah gasped, due to her body reacting most pleasurably, to his compliment.

The next day, in between housework, Sarah started to sketch some more designs for tattoos and jewellery. Over the course of the next week, Sarah’s body healed. Each morning, she awoke to find that her body reacted as if it were in some form of bondage, but the nightmares no longer bothered her. First thing, each morning, Walter would come into her room, with his little rhyme, and free her, from whatso restraint she had inflicted upon herself and then would dress her. He even ordered another outfit for her and had had been to her flat, on the Sunday, to get her possessions. By the second week, of her stay, with Walter, Sarah found that her moods had become tied Walter’s moods. Every day, Sarah would work like a slave, around Walter’s home, without him even having asked her to do so; slowly Sarah discovered something in herself, that made her want only to please him. As the days passed the need to please him grew, in Sarah, eventually she found that her only pleasure was to please him, it physically hurt Sarah, if he was upset or displeased. When he was pleased with anything she did, Sarah’s body reacted in a manner that always resulted in her emitting moans of pleasure.

The second weekend, of her being, in his home, Walter left her there alone, after he had closed his parlour, on the Saturday, at noon. He had not warned Sarah, that he had be away, for the whole of the night. Sarah had gone to bed, the same as she would have done, if had he been there, that night she was again to suffer from nightmares. Cruelly, Sarah awoke the next morning, to find herself totally unable to move her arms and legs, as a result of this Sarah spent most of that day, in the one uncomfortably, restrained position, awaiting his return. Late on Sunday afternoon, Walter returned; he laughed, when he saw her. He freed her legs but not her arms. He showed her into the bathroom, where she suffered the indignity, of him aiding her, when she needed, to use her arms. Constantly, throughout all of this Walter laughed at her and was obviously enjoying her humiliation; against her will, her body reacted, as it always did, to him being pleased, with her. After teasing her, by threatening to leave her, to lap up water, from the sink, like a dog; he relented and allowed her to drink water from a glass, that he held for her. Cruelly, Walter then returned her to her room, placing Sarah upon her back, atop of a plastic sheet, that covered the floor, and forced her back into that same egregiously uncomfortable position, that she had been in, when he had first entered the room. He threw a plastic covered duvet over her; “Seems you are totally dependent, upon me. I stayed away today, in the hopes that you’d find out that you don’t need me.” He opened the door to leave and exited the room, he turned off the light, which was something that Sarah

did not do, as the room was dark enough, during the day, to be a darkroom. He slowly closed the door; “I might come back, for you, after I’ve fetched the last of your things, from your flat and given the keys back, to your landlord.” Sarah went to speak, but found she could not think, of what to say. It had transpired that she had effectively become a functional mute, as her stay, with Walter, had progressed. The last thing Sarah heard, as the door closed, was one of his little rhymes. After aeons Sarah fell a sleep; she awoke the next morning, in total darkness, hungry, thirsty, and in desperate need of the bathroom. Her body’s needs were nearly uncontrollable, when Sarah heard him leave, it was then that her struggle, to free herself, became a panicked and desperate one, despite that it was just as futile, as her previous ones had been.

Late that day, when Walter entered the room, Sarah was just like a baby, crying, wet and dirty. Walter was kind and caring with her and promised that he would never do it again. When he told her, that he had thought, that what he had done, would free her from her problem, Sarah believed him. Friday of that week, Sarah finished the sketches and showed them to Walter. He loved them, but refused to do any more, to her. After a couple of weeks, of Sarah begging him, to do them, Walter said that he wanted, to hear no more about it. Sarah asked once more, a week later, and his response was that he failed to get her up the next day, and then spent the whole of the next two days grumbling about everything, that she did.


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