One Saturday, following a night, when the nightmares had awoken her many times, the feeling was there all day. Her body felt as if it were constantly being aroused, but what there was, of the sensation, was never enough, to derive any real pleasure from, as a result of which, it became extremely distracting and draining for her. Sarah spent nearly the whole day in bed, there were many times that day, when Sarah’s fingers had to grant her, what the phantoms failed, to proved for her. The next day, the sensation was there again, though she barely noticed it. A few weeks later, Sarah had started having nightmares, from which she could not awaken herself. She then lost a Saturday, being totally unable to remember a single detail, of the day. The Sunday after it, Sarah found a new outfit in her wardrobe; the outfit was not something, that she would have normally purchased, to her it looked like something a working girl might own. In the bedside cabinet, she found other things, that she would have never even dared to be seen buying.

Every time she went to sleep, after that, she would become trapped, in the nightmares, from which there was no escape. For an entire week, the phantoms’ attentions were at such a level, that she was constantly distracted, aroused and frustrated. By Wednesday of that week, her mood was terrible and her work was suffering. Friday afternoon, her boss told her, to take the next week off. Sarah left work, planning what she would do, for the next week. On her way home, she visited Walter, this helped her see things more clearly, so when she left him, her mood was better. Sarah had also seen him every lunch time, of that week. When Sarah arrived home, the sensations became more intense, and not as frustrating, as they had been. Unfortunately for Sarah, their change in intensity meant that they were even more draining and her body’s reaction to them, only made the draining worse. When Sarah finally drifted off to sleep, the phantoms were still at play, on her skin. Once sleep had taken her, Sarah was once again trapped, within the nightmares, in which she was tortured. Even in the nightmares she could still feel the attentions of the phantoms. When at last, Sarah awoke, it was to a whole body ached, when she tried to move, she could not. It seemed to Sarah that her wrists were ybounden, as were her ankles; after a while sleep took her back, into the nightmares.


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