Walter could have done the tattoos more quickly, but it pleased him only to work, very slowly and in exceptionally short sessions. Saran had to visit him several times a week, in her lunch times. Sarah talked constantly, during her visits, to take her mind off everything, that what was being done. Walter kept up a constant mumble, as he worked, despite the mumble, which she never commented upon, and the discomfort Sarah found that she enjoyed the sessions. After many visits Walter told her to return, after work, for the final session. That session, which was very long, he toiled over all the symbols in the design, in just that one sitting, every symbol was begun and completed. The day after the tattoo was completed, she had chosen to take off work; which was a relief to her, as Sarah could not face wearing clothes that day. Sarah admired the irremovable ink bikini in the mirror, many times that day. She felt as if she would never again be naked. Sarah thought about letting someone else see the tattoo, only to dismiss the idea. A few days later she visited Walter again, so a photographer could record his work. As she left, Walter said a few words, she could not understand, as he said his farewell, to her.

Erotically, her dreams, that night, replayed Walter’s needles working his art, on the canvas, of her flesh. Similar dreams followed, on each of the next few nights, but after about a week the dreams changed, they were still about the tattoos, except that she was resisting, having them done. At the end of the second week her dreams took on a new theme. Frequently, she dreamed that she was strapped down and a strange creature spoke spells, as he did the tattoos, after that she had no memorable dreams. Each and every time that she changed her clothes, as her eyes admired its beauty, in the mirror, her fingers explored the tattoos, to Sarah it felt as if the tattoos had been designed specifically for her. A few weeks passed, then the dreams returned once again, though their content had changed, to being about the figures in the tattoos. Slowly the dreams became more intense. Initially, these new dreams had only been about the figures, in the tattoos, interacting with each other, however with time, a few weeks, the content, of the dreams, slowly altered, until she eventually started to dream, that the creatures, that were portrayed in the designs, were moving about and exploring her skin. Then for several nights, she was awakened in a state of heightened sexual arousal, from dreams, where the figures had been arousing her. A few nights later, the dreams changed again and Sarah had nightmares, about the creatures clawing, biting and whipping her flesh, from which she would awaken, several times each night, with a scream escaping from her mouth, only to then have sleep reclaim her.

One Saturday morning, after a terrible night of sleep, Sarah kept thinking that she felt, tender little, fingers, on her body. She discounted those thoughts, it was her over active imagination, or so she thought, playing tricks with her. Over that weekend, Sarah was too embarrassed, to tell anyone, about her dreams and especially not the phantom fingers. Sarah had not told anyone, about the tattoos, not that she felt that they were secret or something to be ashamed of, it was just that they were very personal and private for her. The following Monday, Sarah visited Walter and told him, about her predicament. Surprisingly, Walter was a sympathetic listener, and let her tell him everything. He explained to her, that it was just her feeling guilty, about the tattoos. While she was there, Sarah saw the framed photos, of her tattoo, on the parlour’s wall. Sarah felt relieved, but very stupid, when she left him, taking with her a set of pictures of the tattoos, as she left, Walter said that she could visit him anytime, that she needed to talk about the tattoos. His final farewell, to her, was the same as it had been after the photo session. Sarah nearly asked him, what it meant, but thought better of it.

Then the following Friday, she had the same feelings again, so Sarah visited Walter again. Then after a few days had passed, it happened again; a couple of days more and the feeling was back again. A day without it, then it was there nearly constantly. The sensation of movement, on her skin, had at first been for a few fleeting instants, over the course of a day. With the passage of time, the nightmares became less frequent, but the movement, upon her skin became gentle caresses. It slowly over a few months, came to be there, more and more, of the time. It was not an unpleasant sensation; she thought of it, being like some shy lover, who started to make love to her, only to then flee, in embarrassment. Sarah’s visits, to Walter, became more frequent, until she would visit him most lunch times. At first it had been for reassurance, and a chance to be with someone, with whom she was not embarrassed, to talk about her predicament, but it became a chance, to see his latest designs and hear about his work, which was far more interesting, than her job. Sarah toiled in a dull, but well paid, sales job.



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