Blood Poison (Part 6)


Changing Times

With the changing times, of this century, Alice and I can be couple, but the air is so foul and of late good food has been hard to find — the walking variety that is. Luckily though, science has provided, for our kind, insights into what we need, from our food, and hence supplements that can, for a short while, reduce our dependence on our regular source of nourishment. Some now even think that our feeding habits are just the sexy kink and just the thing, to spice up their sex lives. Our own enhanced healing abilities, and heightened senses, certainly allow us many possibilities, that normal humans can only dream about, even if my nature denies us some of the most common ones.

We are both over 100, but I am only in my early twenties and Alice is about a decade older. Just this last year, one of the Circle of Blood has offered, to try to make me whole — her term, not mine.

There is but one, truly, sad part, to my history, my patron went to dust, on Vimy Ridge, with a Maxim’s bullets taking his, centuries long, life. Apart from that, there is little I would change, save returning for Hellena and Alice, earlier than I did, and well maybe being a bit more careful once or twice.



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