Blood Poison (Part 5)



By a fluke of chance, I heard, a few years before the war, with Central Powers, that Alice was to be married off, to some old wealthy widower. As the sun set, on their wedding day, she was widowed. Shortly there after, my (vampyre) benefactor arranged, for me, to enter her household, in the guise of a servant. My first night there, was the night before full moon and Alice’s scent was sweet. That night, Alice’s mind was mine, without any need for wounds, even before I entered the room. Before entering her room, I sensed that blood flowed from her.

Entering her room, my blood burnt from my earlier snack, on her maid and so I, once again, shared the burning with her, as I explored her mind. In there, I found cages and locked doors. After wandering deeper, I came across a thing, that looked like a cross between an executioner and a preacher. It faced me brandishing a glowing cross, and a battle ensued. Although I had little skill in the arts of mind war, such conflict as there was, was very one sided, for I used the same ploys that had overcome my own resistance many years earlier. Having trapped it with in a coffin, I took some keys from it. With those keys, I explored the locked parts, of her mind, freeing her from the restrictions, of her upbringing, and locked away those things in her mind, that might hurt or constrain her. With my powers, I tried to ensure that Alice, would only remember, that night, as a dream. Gradually, I let my bloodfire burn inside Alice and called up her memory, of our previous encounter. That done, I freed her from her paralysis; only to be shocked by what she had become, without her inhibitions, she was a truly sensual creature. Her hands caressed her own body. That night we shared her bed. Each nick and taste, of her, that I had produced passionate moans and ecstatic movements in her body. In my desire for her, my mind became totally open, to Alice. We became one mind two bodies, each feeling every sensation of both bodies. Alice controlled everything that happened, until, in her passion, she tried to become my fledgling. Sensing this, I regained control and separated us. She begged me to do it, but I would not. The next night when the moon was full, she again begged me and so she became my first fledgling. According to our lore the finest of us are only created upon the night of the fill moon. Being born then does have its disadvantages though, for we are tied strongly to the cycle of the moon.

Though we both knew what to expect, the month, to the next full moon, was torture for me. Throughout that whole month, Alice was tormented, by her body’s changes. When the full moon returned, we shared the hunt. After that, Alice became my entry into society, both human and Vampyre — for I educated her in the lore and she did not choose the fiery road, but chose instead, to feed off her own. Though I am still pitied, by our kind, I am now tolerated, thanks to Alice and my mentor. The strange thing is, that those of us, who are on the fiery road, are, supposed to be, the most ravenous, but as I still eat, as a human, as well, I only ever drink lightly, except when the moon is bright. Now though I hunt more for pleasure, than out of necessity, as we have other non-walking sources of food.

Many years later, my second fledgling chose the fiery path and foolishly did not trust his nose, and so drank from a pregnant woman and died, as Roberta had done. Unfortunately, it can not be said desperation justified the risk, in his case. For many a year, Alice and I kept clear, of our families, until one Christmas, just before the last war, when we visited my aged twin, passing me off as my own granddaughter and Alice as my Aunt. During that visit, Alice and I had our worst ever argument — I forget who suggested, that Helena should become one of us, but in the end we agreed, that she should remain human. Now though we both have no regrets about that, as for Helena, who would always have had to been an old woman, to have shared the æons, with Alice and I, would have been exceptionally cruel, for we are destined to be eternally youthful.



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