Blood Poison (Part 3)


Finding Prey

On the morning before the full-moon, what would have just been a minor sibling squabble, instantly became an excuse, for me, to lash out and release my frustration. Having rapidly settled the feud, I ran off across the fields, having left my brother laid out, on the hall floor.

Sometime later, as I walked, I slowly became aware, that two presences were following me. Somehow, my nose told me, that it was two foxes, so I scanned the area, for them. Quite suddenly, as I did so, my eyes lost focus and I was looking back, at myself, from the hedgerow. With my mind in theirs, I knew that they were Roberta’s foxes and, with that knowledge, my mind called them to me. Obediently, they came to me, laying before me, exposing their bellies. I let the dog feel my hunger, as soon as I had done that, I perceived, in its mind, the image of Ray and Vic (what I was to call them) and Roberta as they hunted, the great monster — Man. They showed me their, or was it our, territory. At moon rise, the three of us stalked a young village girl, to a cottage, where my brother awaited her. As we closed, on her, I detected a foul odour, from her; my distaste passed to Vic and Ray, who let out warning challenges, bringing that hunt to an end. My first hunt had been a disaster, driving my prey away, back to the village at great speed shrieking and terrified. Despite the anger that I felt, towards my brother, I could not feed off him — what would father have done to me if I had.

As the three of us approached the village, I became aware of a perfume that made my blood burn and my hunger unbearable. The blades freed themselves, from their fleshy scabbards, and I stalked the delicious maiden, in the way that my new friends had shown me, earlier that day. My quarry crossed the church yard and I issued forth, from behind a grave. I consciously struck with my blade and unconsciously with my mind. Almost as soon as the blade arced through the flesh, my mouth closed over the wound, where blood spurted from her limp body. My mind triggered fiery passions within her, until her body was racked, with ecstasy. Eventually, her body began to tremble and the flow, of blood, waned, with that the foxes joined the feast. Throughout the whole incident, my mind detected, in her, no sensation of discomfort or pain, only passion and pleasure. After we had left her, my body felt like an inferno, every part of me was hot, I was euphoric and it felt as if I could do anything.

The next day, the realisation, of what I had done, hit me. I had taken a life. Though I felt some remorse and a lot guilt, for a while — until the hunger, from which I constantly suffered, grew enough, that the guilt had no meaning— I always knew that had I not feed upon her I would have died myself. Despite my hunger, I still could not bear food, to be near me. My moods and emotions swung drastically, from minute to minute. As soon as the sun set, the night after my first kill, I met up with Vic and Ray in the orchard, this time I aided them, with their hunt, killing a ram, on a neighbour’s farm, for them. With their needs provided for, I left them, to enjoy their meal, and went in search of prey, for myself. This prey, I intended not to kill, just snack upon and enjoy. Slow was my hunt, stalking her, for an age, and enjoying, every second of, the hunt. It was more a hunt, driven on by the pleasure of hunting my quarry, rather than one to feed me, despite my voracious hunger. Unfortunately, disaster struck, though not one of my making, ending my hunt when I closed on her, as I caught a whiff, of her stench, it revolted me; it was that same foul smell, that I had detected from my sister and my brother’s plaything. The smell killed off my hunger; despite that I continued to watch Alice, from the shadows. After a while, I detected the odour, of a man and became possessive of my prey. Having located the vile intruder, from the shadows, I sprang, in a great leap and landed right behind the interloper. The hulking brute was the miller’s son. Anger flared, inside me. My blades struck. Rage grew. My ego crushed his, only to then sense his intentions, towards the delicate Alice. Vindictively, no, justifiably I made sure that he felt every unpleasant second, of my draining of him, this I did out of revenge, for what he wanted to do to Alice. He could feel, but my mind held his body, immobile. Just below the mill weir, I cast his drained corpse, into the river. It was a good distance, form where he died, to the weir, but the effort proved worthwhile, as no one discovered his body. There was no burning, in me, after I had feed on him, and when I tasted his blood, I found it to be rather bland, when compared to my gourmet meal, of the previous night.

There were no moods or remorse, after that night’s work, though the hunger grew once again, but I managed to drink milk. For several days, the villagers searched for him, but could find no trace, of him, or his body. For a while, the milk kept my hunger tolerable. The next night I sent Vic and Ray to hunt alone, ridding our farm of other vermin, but did not hunt my self. Thanks to me, the villagers were to come to think it strange, that every other farm suffered regular losses, to foxes, but we never did — until I left that is. After a few more days, I could eat what others considered bland foods, as the days passed and the moon waned, normal food became more and more palatable. Thanks to bread and milk, I managed to resist the temptation to hunt, for about a week, only to then take my brother’s plaything. As the moon waned, I steadily grew more lethargic, lost my hunger and my senses lost some of their heightened state. For two whole days I slept, when it was dark of the moon.



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