Blood Poison (Part 2)


Grab A Mortal Mind

My next clear recollection is of when I awoke, in my bed, two days later. Alive, though I ached all over, which was pleasant compared to the pain, that I had in some parts of my body. The bed’s sheets felt as rough as blankets. My hands and arms were swathed in bandages, as was my head. That dull, misty winter’s day seemed as bright as a summer’s day, to me.

Hellena was nursing me; she told me some of what had happened, as she was speaking, my mind filled with strange images. These images were of blades, Roberta and swallowing warm blood. Somehow I perceived in my sister’s mind; “How do I tell him, that she carried him here, only to then collapse and die.” At that time, I thought that Hellena had said that to me, only later was I to realise how I had come to hear it. Somehow, I also picked up a sense of her asking, how I had managed to survive. As I lay in bed I vaguely recalled Roberta saying, “Chose… …what you eat.” It meant nothing to me then, but now those words have such an ominous ring to me, and my fledglings.

It was fortunate, for me, that the village quack was not inclined to be a sawbones, otherwise I would be dust now. Over the course of about a week, the worst of the pains diminished. My hands, head and stomach continued to be painful, but little else hurt, though my hands stayed swollen for nearly an entire month. For three weeks, after the accident, all that I could really do were to eat and sleep. Food became steadily more objectionable, when the Moon started to wax, it’s taste and smell became unbearable. Each night, I would be awoken by nightmares or the bark, of foxes. The smell of my sister became unbearable to me, for a while, during my decumbature, but after that she smelt delicious, for a few days.

During the third week, of my bed rest, my elder brother was stood talking to me, when I thought that I heard him say, “Thank god the old hag’s dead. It is a pity that you cost me her fortune.” After that, the next thing I knew, was that he had collapsed, and I was looking up at myself, where I lay in bed, from the floor. My mind said sleep, to his, then the very next instant I was looking down at him, through my own eyes. I called out for help, for him, despite my desire, to rip his throat out. As that desire grew, I felt something move, inside my hand, there was pain, then a dark line stained the bandage, on my hand. It was then that I recalled the strange, mysterious, matching scars on the backs of Roberta’s hands. That night, I dreamt fragments of my brother’s life and discovered that I knew all his petty desires, secrets and fears. Never, since, has it been so easy to, so totally, grab a “mortal” mind. That night, I was awoken by pain, in my other hand.

The noise, the smell, the taste, the colour and the feel of things steadily became worse, as the days passed and the full moon approached.  About four days before the full moon, the pains that I suffered from slackened off and it was then, that the doctor declared, that I was healed. With all the bandages removed, I discovered that I too had two identical scars, on the backs of my hands, but there were no others, on my body. Even the one from when I was six, and my brother burnt my arm with a poker, had healed completely. My clothes were too loose, as I had lost most of the fat, from my body.

Alone in my room, after I had had the bandages removed, I stretched and flexed as many muscles as I could in my hands and arms. To my horror, the backs of my hands tore themselves open and two blades protruded from them. Those strange images of Roberta, when I had first recovered consciousness, now had a meaning. There was a knock on the room’s door; without a conscious thought, the blades retracted. I felt strange, but healthier and fitter than I ever had been before, as I opened the door, to find my elder brother nervously fidgeting, on the landing. He had been sent up, to me, to help me down the stairs, in all veracity I needed no help, but I accepted it.

For a few years, my brother had shown off, his strength, by lifting the large, ancient oak chair, that stood in the entrance hall. When we reached the bottom of the stairs, I walked over to it and lifted it, its size made it a rigorous challenge, but its weight was no problem, with my new found strength. In the past, I had never even been able to slide it, along the floor. Oh! The shock on my brother’s face! Just that, made me feel great! It was at that moment, that he came to understand, that I was no longer his, little runt, to bully.

Later that day, a minor accident resulted in Alice, a friend of my twin’s, having one of her delicate, little fingers pour with blood. Suddenly, I was there sucking on her finger, whilst I did so my eyes were locked on hers. The blood had the most delicate and complex taste that I had ever tasted, for some reason, Alice had stopped crying, as soon as our eyes met. My mind enfolded hers and I learnt things about her, that I was never meant to know, some of which I did not understand. From that day onwards, Hellena and Alice could retain no secrets, from me at least. Her mind shifted and her finger withdrew from my mouth, when the finger left my mouth, blood no longer even oozed, from it. She was very embarrassed and shaking, but I wanted more of her blood and all I had to do was release a blade, then take all I could ever desire. I fled. I flew over the stream and sat alone in the orchard. There I tried to control my desires, for blood. For fleeting instants my mind brushed against Alice’s. Power rushed inside me, my blood burnt, and fire raced down my spine. Somehow, I was, in two places at once, sitting there alone, against a tree, and as well I could also see my twin’s face — through Alice’s eyes — for the first time ever, Hellena, my twin, looked beautiful, to me. Alone there against the tree, I felt Hellena’s hand as it held Alice’s and I could hear Hellena’s words, of comfort. Generously, I shared the fire, that was in me, with Alice, causing her to sigh and moan, as it worked its magic, upon her. Shortly there after, I felt her embarrassment and confusion, that made her turn from Hellena and run off.

As the full moon grew near, the flavours and scents, of food, became too over powering, so much so that I could only eat dry bread and only drink milk, and retched when anything else came near me. Sleep eluded me. By the day of the full moon, I was ravenous but could not even face dry bread or milk.



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