Bellhamshire is located between Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. The broad Bellhamshire accent is somewhat Warwickshire but with elements of Northamptonshire. In Bellhamshire, those who are preternatural and the supernatural are somewhat more common that outside its bounds. Bellhamshire is a county that is in the Wensel Valley which has great escarpments at its sides.

Down the east side of the valley there flows the Erlin. Meandering up the valley is the Wensel, into which the Erlin, Rescar, Sift and Aphlar flow. Towards the middle of the valley is the Elfs Table, which is a large wooded mound or plateau, surrounded by escarpments.

Bellhamshire has a city, several large towns and dispersed villages. The City is Bellhamcester, which is generally know as Bellham. The city itself has a major division that which is west of the Wensel, Bellham Abbey, and that which is east of the Wensel, Bellham Castle. It has an ancient university that arose thanks to the abbey. The city also has a general hospital, that is located in the Nucamen district of Bellham Abbey.

Though there is hardly the population or number of settlements to justify it, Bellhamshire is divided into Five hundreds: Croliegh Hundred, Carita Hundred, Blaec Hundred, Griff Hundred and Garstan Hundred. Each of which has its own district council, with there also being a City Council for Bellhamcester.

The pages about Bellhamshire are sub-divided as follows.

  • Gazetteer – A guide to the geography of Bellhamshire.
  • Biographies – Short or otherwise pieces about Bellhamshire’s residents past and present. Also includes organisations.
  • Reliquary – Details of artefacts that are associated with Bellhamshire.
  • Grimoire – Rituals and other Magiks known in Bellhamshire.
  • Bestiary – The Folk, Flora and Fauna {species and sub-species} that reside in Bellhamshire that are exceptional in nature or not of other places.
  • Lore – Folklore and Customs of Bellhamshire.
  • Occurrences – Historical events related to Bellhamshire.
  • Glossary – Meanings of words that are not so common, or that are specific to the setting.
  • Stories – Stories set in Bellhamshire.

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