Is WordPress purposefully trying to discourage people from having blogs on here with their redesigns of the interface it is getting harder and harder to find the dashboard.

Where has it gone!

Caught a fleeting view of it on a menu after 5 minutes of hunting with it jumping back to the welcome page six times before it would let me click on Dashboard.

Considering shifting to self hosted or to Blogger as WordPress has been making its user interface more and More Un friendly over recent months.

Just added bookmark for Dashboard – how long before Dash board is removed and we are condemned to the random pages that WordPress thinks we want.

Bring Back the old interface that was usable and logical not random and impractical. New WordPress deserves the Windows8 Award for being useless.



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4 responses to “WordPress

  1. Please can you share how you found the dashboard.

  2. You can also go to “Stats” and click on the WordPress “W” logo next to your blog name.

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