Doppelgänger – Unity and Division

With business over and having returned to Bossiney Tower, that had been Samuel’s residence for over five years, Samuel greeted himself (his principle essence). That evening he/they discussed the preceding couple of months and their upcoming reintegration that would be followed their re-division.

Integration was a process where two or more essences are joined so that the joined essence has the memories and skills of all the essences that were joined. Normally the merging is only done between essences that are division of a principle essence and that principle essence or other divisions of that essence. Rarely, people have been known to try integration between two principle essences or essences that were divisions of two different principle essences, when this happens it frequently fails or worse succeeds yielding an individual who has multiple personalities or other significant mental health issues. These problems can arise where they are divisions of the same principle essence when the essences have diverged significantly from each other, due to manipulation of the essences or due to time and the product of differing experiences. Such mental health issues being called McTaggart’s Unity Complex. Those who possessed and used arcane talent being less likely to suffer with McTaggart’s Unity Complex.

Having several times before used doppelgängers and re-integrated them successfully, the Samuels expected no problems. Their division after integration would be into three, as in addition to habiting the Deus Maximus Samuel would be spawning a Good Daemon. A Good Daemon being a division that would reside in a brain bud, which was an artificial bioengineered symbiotic creature, that attached to a host’s neck. It having two eyes. Good Daemons typically functioned as a magical detections entity for adepts and more generally a pair of eyes in the back and personal assistant dealing with mental and interface tasks for their Principle.

The integration proceeded much like an upload to the void, but with a psychiatric adept monitoring the principle Samuel as the Luna Samuel flowed back into him. Due to his magical ability and training, Samuel created the mental accommodations that allowed him to safely remember and understand two time-lines for the same period, that which was his motive essence as the Luna Samuel adding to his main essence.

Division was a far simpler process, not needing the psychiatric adept, but requiring a spirit mage, typically known as a Mendop Technicians or Mental Doppelgänger Technician, to encourage the Priniple’s essence to provide motive essence for the products of the division. The Good Daemon once inhabiting the Brain Bud, was arcanely and psychiatricly engineered to be better able to perform the role of Good Daemon. Doppelgängers in Brain Buds typically possessed weaker mental and magical abilities than those residing in a humanoid shell, but Samuel had acquired a Brain Bud of the type known as a Minor Magus. The abilities of the Minor Magus nowhere near matched those of a Deus Maximus or even Samuel’s natal form. Brain Buds were considered by many perverse products of bioengineering, so much so that the Mendop technician asked, “Why have a Minor Magus?”

“Need a Doppelgänger to watch my back. Twice now lost a shell when caring for the fallen.”


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