Doppelgänger – Death Throws

Taj had to keep his eyes closed or become disorientated as the two scenes could not be reconciled, by his brain, but Samuel had long since been able to cope with two or three scenes playing in his mind. What Taj heard did not disorientate him, but he ordered, “BE QUIET!”

Samuel had out done himself obtaining not just sight or even sight and sound but sight, sound and scent. The other reason Samuel used a Hunter7 on the moon was that up there his powers were always enhanced and that more than compensated for the lesser magical abilities of the Hunter7.

The first few seconds of the visions, of what the victim had seen, were very distressing for Taj and not pleasant for Samuel. The victim’s sight had been focused on a plasma cutter that was slowly moving towards his hand. The cutter would instantly cut, burn and cauterise flesh. They both heard the victim’s screams for mercy.

“Now, José tell us what we want to know and this will be over.” Came a voice from behind José’s head.

José tried to turn his head to see, who was speaking, but could not get far enough around to see them. Taking in the periphery of José sight, Samuel noticed a distorted image of the taking man, in the reflective metal, of the power unit of the plasma cutter. Pale or grey hair had the talking man, balding and no beard or moustache.

The one who was doing the cutting was tall and thin, born and raised in a low-g zone. The vocal one was of a build that meant he was a native of at least Earth gravity. Their general forms told Samuel that neither a standard body shell, most likely a natal shell, though either could have been a custom shell, but their mundanity ruled against that.

Samuel tried to see with magical sight, which was successful, as José had had some magical talent but not enough to be trained. That sight revealed more than anything else. The enhanced perception revealed that both the perpetrators had cybernetic systems and that the talker also had biowares. Samuel manipulated the perceived rate of time flow, which started to pass in the scene at three times the normal rate, until the cutter cut and José passed out due to being overwhelmed by the torture.

With the victim unconscious, the perpetrators were more careless with what they said. That they used torture to extract the information that they wanted, said a lot about the perpetrators, as far easier and more efficient technological and magical ways of interrogation existed.

The one who Samuel thought of as the talker, “Give it five minutes then revive him, Sean, I’ve a call to make.”


The talker walked away a few steps. After a few seconds Samuel faintly heard, “Daker here.” Samuel’s enhanced perceptions told him the time that it had happened and also made José’s hearing clearer than it had been for José who had had no real conception of what had passed whilst he was unconscious. Evidence was slowly coming his way. That he had spoken to identify himself, led Samuel to conclude it was an audio only call, which meant that limited the number of call there were to consider as most calls included video or other enhanced content.

There was little else of use in the call, except the proof that there was at least one other person responsible for crimes and that person was most likely the one who was the money or leader of the gang.

After José had been brought round and threatened with the cutter again, he broke just before the cutter started to sear his flesh. Thereafter, he spent nearly an hour desperately telling them every thing he thought they might want to know and eagerly answering the questions that they answered. The questions and answers told Samuel little save that what José knew was not really that important and that the crimes were about something else. A name, Whetherly was mentioned once by José, as having been his manager at one point but most of the rest could have been easily learned by a request to LDC.

Once he had answered their questions, José suffered far worse until he died. Samuel managed during that time to resolved better images of Daker and Sean.


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