Doing Business (Part 1)

( The Price Of Everything, Is In The Small Print )


Along a busy Motorway, a red streak darted between cars. Two Police officers, in a patrol car, beheld it, but the canteen beckoned to them, so they gave into temptation, that had been offered to them, allowing the car to speed on its way. As the car’s radio concluded the weather forecast, which was for a fine day, the announcer gave out an emergency traffic bulletin; “Reports are just coming in of a major accident, on the M40. The Police advise drivers to avoid the M40, as the accident has blocked both carriage ways, of the Motorway.”

Just as the bulletin came to an end, rain started to fall, so the driver turned on the wipers. Speeding in the rain, the driver turned off the radio, and made a phone call. As soon as the phone was answered, he ordered, “Put the Contracts Manager on.” Interrupting the manager’s greeting, the driver informed, “I will be closing the Tyler account, later today. Release the file. Have you found any new candidates for an account?”

While he was briefed on the potential candidates, the driver rolled a cigarette then with the briefing over, expressed his joy, at the news; “Religious. Good, that is just perfect. He’ll cost the…” Lightning flashed across the sky and thunder rolled, as if to silence him, with that the car sped, up once more, “I will have to be there very soon, if I’m to oversee the recovery, of the debt. Now, see that the new account is opened and that he signs the contract, be generous, but no loopholes, for him. Try the same one, as the maidens. If he signs, we will have them both, then that being the case, we’ll make a profit, at almost any price. The competition will not have a hope. Our monopoly will be almost a total one. Serve him right, if…” Lightning flashed across the sky again.

He finished the call, and turned the radio back on, “…warning. I repeat. The Met Office have just issued a severe weather warning. A deep depression is developing, over the country. The depression is deepening rapidly. High winds, heavy rain, and electric storms are…” He turned the radio off.

As the car pulled into the car park, he thought, “Next time, I’ll wait before offering a contract, this one offered too much, without any return.” He parked the car and exited from it. Rakishly, he put on a red hat, that matched his red suit, then walked through the storm as if it was not there.

When the man entered Bellham General, not a single person took any notice of him, nor did they, as he walked through, to the casualty unit. Stopping outside a door, The Man in a Red Suit looked through the window, in the door and smiled, as he watched a man die. Shortly there after, his hand beckoned, to some unseen presence.

The reporter and camera operator sheltered in the car park. Just having finished one piece, to camera, they were about to start interviewing, members of the public, about the storm. As a gust, of wind, whipped through the car park, the camera man struggled to remain standing. Sounds from higher up, in the car park, caused them to fearfully look up, at the ceiling.

After interviewing several people, the reporter spotted a very photogenic character and tried to get him to stand still. Stopping before his crimson sports car, the man, in the red hat, looked straight, into the camera, and made a comment. The reporter asked her question again, only form him to be enigmatic, “Business, the final settlement, of an account.”

After the red car sped off into the storm, the reporter and camera operator filmed the footage, that they had been sent out to tape. As they filmed, a steady procession of the corrupt, notorious and powerful passed in front of their lens, arriving and departing from the hospital.


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